InfTeh offers wide range of solutions for enterprises of Oil and Gas, Energy and many other sectors of industry.

Our solutions are based on national and foreign cutting edge technologies. We use leading automation software platforms and proprietary developments for implementation of our solutions. We lay special emphasis on import phase-out of software. Employees of the Company participate in interagency working group focused on relaxation of dependence on import of equipment, components and spare parts, provision of services (works) by foreign companies and usage of foreign software in Russian Fuel and Energy complex. Our company take part in this work as import phase-out experts.

Our company is offering solutions for:

  • Industrial processes monitoring (oil and gas upstream, oil transportation)
  • Production management and dispatching systems
  • Mass balance calculations for refining and petrochemical enterprises
  • Navigator monitoring for oil transportation
  • Oil dispatching and fiscal metering
  • Energy performance upgrade, energy accounting and energy management
  • Health, safety and environment monitoring
  • Production reports
  • Managing decisions support
  • Assets management
  • Enterprise information and electronic document management

We are offering consulting services for our Customers:

  • Re-engineering of industrial processes
  • Business IT consulting
  • Information systems integration