InfTeh has developed a wide range of  special software products for Oil and Gas industrial sector and software suites for support of IT services at different industrial companies.

Products for enterprises of Oil and Gas industrial sector:

  • SIMRON – software for monitoring of oil pipeline objects’ status, providing control of operating modes of oil pumping stations and status of technological sections of main pipeline
  • LOTSMAN – software for navigation through SCADA diagrams, provides information support of commercial oil metering business process
  • SUO – report management system developed for automated creation and generation of production reporting. It allows to present status of equipment or process and to build reports for other functional spheres of enterprise
  • SMPP – system for monitoring of production processes. It is a WEB-portal solution which allows to perform technological monitoring and dispatching management of enterprise assets  by involved specialists of middle and top business management for data analysis and decision support

Products for support of IT services:

  • MORIS – automated system for monitoring of company’s information systems, providing status monitoring of controlled resources. The System identifies problems in functioning of controlled systems and supports problem-solving of abnormal situations
  • AITRIS – software for automation of technical support service (IT maintenance) of a Company, providing collection, processing, reporting and control of requests sent to Technical support service
  • MARTIN – automated system for distribution of SMS and mails. Distribution of messages can be done from external applications